This week I held a training session for my teammates called Shot in the alley…WTF to do. Instead of the proverbial getting hit by a bus, I went a little more realistic and what if I get shot in a downtown alley instead, what is my team going to to now? The quick class is one of two things that I do to ensure my team knows what it is that I work on and most importantly, they know how to do it if I’m not around. The other thing is called “WTF sessions” on a specific discipline, such as WTF is Amazon Redshift.

I am a firm believer, just like everyone at Artifact Uprising, that we should communicate and share as much as possible. As an example, The other day I did a deploy that I’ve never done before thanks to one of our dev engineers.

After that session, I reminded myself of why I will never return to very large companies that have had the same folks working on the same things since the Macarena was popular. Those places are always full of folks holding on to knowledge as they fear to lose their jobs. The staple phrase: “Well, that’s my job security“, comes to mind. My silent response always was: “And fuck off with that”. It was silent because those large companies don’t appreciate piercing, blunt statements like that. They spend a lot of money on HR training programs so you don’t say things like that.

I also encourage everyone to document. The silly idea that Agile, lean development processes should have minimal documentation is that, silly. Take some time, slow Fridays for example, and write down what you did over the week. This will benefit you and others around you. Just checked my wiki space and there are 23 postings that I have published in about 4 months. You can document fast, document on code, but make it clear and available.

The paranoia of I’m going to lose my job if I share what I do is unhealthy, for that person and the business overall.

Share, share, share.


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