I can’t believe that I am entering the fourth month at Artifact Uprising. It has been exciting, challenging and frankly, one of the best professional experiences I’ve had. Great folks, smart engineering, and a progressive attitude when it comes to technology and the workplace overall.

As I now sunset my project of migrating Chef implementations from managed chef to our in-house Chef Open Source environments, I now walk into moving a lot of our actual applications into a clustered Docker solution. Along the way I have also moved our Terraform code.

I still have some outstanding tasks to document all I did here, on this site, to share and get some feedback. In the meantime, I will start working with Amazon ECS. While in the past I have suggested Kubernetes, Nomad, and other container cluster solutions, truth is that I think ECS might be the path for us to have everything together within our already tightly-knit AWS infrastructure. For sure I will share my experiences and provide quick guides as we move forward.

My goals are a bit ambitious and it is very possible that I might fail, change course, but most important, learn. I feel as I might be able to leave the entire scene of configuration management if we become really, really good at writing our already fast micro-services and rely solely on services interacting with each other.

An architecture will follow soon…


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