Last week I had a lot of fun presenting and helping host Puppet Camp Denver 2016. It took place at the Denver Art Museum and the turnout was great with a lot of awesome presentations by our local community.

Aside my official demo, where I served virtual beer via a micro-service deployment, some folks were very curious about my editor setup. I even made a little demo companion to the Puppet one. It was also very cool to hear a presentation where someone said: “Thanks to Xuxo, I switched to Atom”

Therefore, I decided to share how my setup looks like via this post. There are 3 essential pieces to my Atom workspace:

Git-Plus is an excellent plugin to Atom that allows you to perform virtually all git operations from the editor. I can switch branches, commit, push, etc. Download it and integrate it to avoid having to switch around a lot.

Terminal-Plus is simply the best terminal plugin for Atom. You can create several terminals at the bottom of the screen and even drag to re-organize quickly. This helps me a lot on demos since I don’t have to leave my IDE to run commands and communicate with multiple servers.

Browser-Plus uses built-in navigation shortcuts from Atom to open pages in a browser pane. Again, I don’t need to leave my editor to see how my Js/Flask/etc pages are looking like as I work.

Those are the main items that some of you saw last Thursday. Aside those, I recommend:

Language-Puppet: Support for puppet language.
Seti-Icons: Icons per supported syntax.

As a reference, here’s an image from my Atom screen:



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