“Sure, (big iron UNIX name here) is right there next to the Betamax on that shelf”

Late 90s…bad music all around trying to find its place in history. Sadly, I can’t think of a “classic” from that period. However, I do remember getting that CD of Slackware Linux ready to destroy my Winbook. Oh yeah!, Winbook. Talk about another archeological find on a technology burial ground.

Back then my world was RISC-based with PowerPC and MIPS SGI IRIX. For some, these are the “good old days”. For me…goodbye and move forward! At the time, it seemed crazy to me putting “some UNIX” on an Intel laptop. Also, it was super f’n difficult! Editing xfree86 files and crossing fingers to see X11 mouse pointers were the activities of masochists.

Enter modern times. It is fascinating to me to be able to see that little linux everywhere! For free most of the time. The little nix-clone actually knocked down a lot of the high-priced, unaffordable big iron stuff of yesteryears. It now powers almost everything and even forced big technology corporations to change the way they operate and offer technology.

As I work on “clouds” and see these distros continuing to be omnipresent, I can’t help but smile at how much the tech wold has changed and what the newer generations continue to create. Keep it up!

Too bad a big IBM pSeries can’t even fit on the backroom of an old Blockbuster store…since it might belong there one day.


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